The society was formed early in 2009 by a group of people who are keen to keep alive the spirit of the village of Bridgtown. Almost all of this team of enthusiasts are former residents keen to record the people, lifestyles and events of former years.

What the Society does

  1. Records in detail the people, the lifestyles and the events marking the history and development of Bridgtown and the surrounding area.
  2. Encourages and promotes research into that history and development.
  3. Archives the collection of data, information, memorabilia, maps, photographic and aural records.
  4. Provides a forum for former residents and friends to meet and provides a regular programme of events to stimulate their interest and involvement.
  5. Prepares and publishes books illustrating local life in the twentieth century.
  6. Publishes a quarterly newsletter of information, opinions, forthcoming events, links to former residents and opportunities for all members to become involved.
  7. Arranges a programme of visiting speakers to support our other activities.
  8. Co-operates and links with other local history societies in areas of mutual interest.


Membership of the society is open to anyone interested. All members are welcome at any meetings.