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3rd June 2015 The Band concert on Monday night went very well with all who attended commenting favourably on the professionalism of the Bridgtown Show Band. There were fewer people there due to weather and a lack of advertising. The team meeting agreed to taking the concert forward and managing the publicity better. The next…

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11th December 2014 A lot has happened over the last 3 months:  The Annual Event has come & gone ( very well received by all ACOUNTS), We have moved from the School evening venue for the monthly talks to the Bethel Church morning talks and we have just had our XMAS celebration which was centred on a…

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6th October 2013 Apologies for the lack of news in the last 6 months but due to unforeseen circumstances I have not been able to update this site. I hope to rectify this as of now and will try to update as soon as possible when news occurs. Over the spring/Summer period we have been…

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