Bridgtown Primary School

A Brief History

For a hundred years there has been a school in North Street, Bridgtown.  The first school there was officially opened on 24th June 1912.  It was called The Council School, Bridgtown and provided education for girls from the time they started school until the day they left.  Boys started there but at the age of seven, they had to leave and moved to Walsall Road Board School (later this was called Springvale).

In 1930 a Boys School opened next door to the Girls School so that Bridgtown children did not have to leave the village for their education.

After World War Two it was a time of change for all schools as co-education became the norm.  The old Girls School became a school for all young children and was called a Junior & Mixed Infant School in 1953.  At the same time the old Boys School became a Secondary Modern School for those children who did not go to Grammar School.

In 1960 there was another change.  Schools were getting larger and all secondary-age children moved to the new Calving Hill School in Cannock.  All of the buildings in North Street were then used for primary-age children.  It was then that the school changed its name to Bridgtown County Primary School.  In the 1990s the word county was dropped and the present title of Bridgtown Primary Schoo was adopted.

St. Paul’s Church School

  • The first school in Bridgtown
  • Opened in 1874
  • Opened with St. Pauls Church
  • Catered for all infants and girls
  • Boys left when 7 years old
  • There were 3 classrooms
  • After World War Two things began to change
  • Eventually closed in 1960

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