The War Memorial

Names of local people commemorated on the War Memorial.

Remembrance information behind names is from the Commonwealth Wargraves Commission site which is available to all.

Beadle R
Benton E
Bird E
Brewe C
Carpenter A
Cascarino F
Cryer C
Dainty J
Duckhouse J T
Dutton T
Evans S
Fellows W
Fellows B
Felton J
George R
Haynes E
Homer C
Hughes W
Hulme E
Hulme W
Jones H
Jones J
Kendrick A
Layton F
Lewis W
Lloyd C
Locket T
Mears E
Moore F
Morris J
Onions G
Read H
Richards H
Rowley F
Shelly W
Smith S
Sutton J
Whitehouse C
Wilson R
Winfer R


Bowen H
Field A E
George D
George H
Hitchings R
Jackson E D
Linley S
Percival H
Taylor R
Turner H