Industry & Shops

Industry and shops of Bridgtown, showing the road where each business was located.
1930- 1960

The village grew rapidly in the 1900 and many businesses were established. The lists below have been drawn up from discussions with people who lived on the village, and at this stage is a first attempt to cover the period 1930 to 1960.
To enable the Society to meet its objectives;
Any additions/corrections/comments/information/memories to add to our knowledge would be very welcome. The objective is to draw up a short history of each of the businesses, who played such a key role in the development of the village.

The majority of the companies listed were trading into the 1950 but all the traditional employers have closed to be replaced by new modern businesses.

Cornelius Whitehouse (Edge Tool Maker) Walsall Road (See Heritage Trail Board)
Gilpins (Edge Tool Maker) Churchbridge & Wedges Mills (See Heritage Trail Boards)
Whitehouse Brothers (Edge Tool Maker), E W Wynn (Foundry), Cincinnatti Milacron (Foundry), Watling Street (See Heritage Trail Board)
Hawkins Tileries, Watling Street
Cannock Fertilisers (Cannock Agricultural) Walkmill Lane
Guest, Keane &  Nettlefold ,  Green Lane
Sankeys Heating Division, Green Lane
Lea and James Brush Factory, Green Lane
Bridgtown Industries,   Green Lane
Samuel Jellyman (Foundry),   Walsall Road
Lucas (Electric and Automotive Parts), Walkmill Lane
Schrader Bellows (Automotive Parts), Walkmill Lane
Wooton’s (Timber Yard), North Street
Burgess (Cash Bags), Junction of Union/Park Streets
Astbury Haulage ,Walkmill Lane (See Heritage Trail Board)
Hargreaves Haulage, Broad Street
Cliffs Sweet Factory, Broad Street
Goldberg & Louis (Doll Factory), North Street
Turog Bakery, (Owner Mr A Baker note: true)
Rosas Ice Cream Factory, Walsall Road
A R Astbury (Builders), Watling Street/Bridge Street
Elliott Lucas, Britool, Facom(Tool manufacturers),  Churchbridge
Ken Thomas (Printers) –  Started in Longford Road moved to Walsall Road
N C B Computer Centre, (Later known as Compower)
John Wood, (Wholesale Provisions) North Street
Vine Lane Garage, (Walkmill Lane)
G Brevitt Haulage, Green Lane
H Rushton Haulage, Walsall Road
Tom Holliday (Printer), Union Street

The majority of shops were located in North Street but there were a number trading in other locations in the village.

Even Numbers:
16. Alex Jenkins (General Stores)
20.Cliffs (Post Office/Newsagent) Corner of Broad Street
Bob Linnell (Cycles) at22/24/26: 22 became Stantons Bakeries then Bridgtown Cycles
24/26 became Wigleys then Baileys (Ladies and Girls Clothes)
28.Charlie Beasleys (Music) became Stantos (bakery) then Bensleys (Fruit /Veg)
30.Jess Whitehouses (Mens Outfitters)
34.Parkers (Grocers)
36.  Fereday became Marstons (Chemist)
38. Fred Nunnerley (Cycles) then had a number of uses  but all for short periods
40. Ellen Lockley became Thomas (Newsagent)
42. Rushtons (Post Office/Stationery) became Edgar Machin (Shoes)
44. George Riley then Mrs Bull (Fruit/Veg) Nunnerly Cycles moved to rear then changed to electrical before moving across to Edgar Machins old shop  (number 33)
48. Rose Withington then Mrs Briggs (Fish/Chips)
56. Percy Mills (Butcher)
58.Davenports (Hardware)
Co-operative (Grocers) corner of East/Union St with North Street
68. Dudleys (Sweets)
70. Wills then Gunns (China)
72. Gallatley then Chas Hales (Butchers)
76. Haywoods (Greengrocers)/Mr Haywood (Coal Merchant)
102. Mrs Hughes became Dr Middleton Surgery then Dr Unsworth

Odd Numbers:
1. Joe Astbury (Furniture Removals/Cycles) became Jukes (Second hand furniture) then Stubbs (Fish and Chips/Cafe)
3. Mr Greenaway (Barber)
11. Brewes (Greengrocer)
19. Salmons (Grocer) corner of Church Street
21.Wiggins (Greengrocer) corner of Church Street
23. Richards (Bakers) became part of Hardwicks
25 Smithâs (Grocer) became Hardwicks
27. Simpkins (Ladies Clothes) became Bob Linnels
29. George/Tom Cotton (Butcher)
33. Edgar Machin (Shoes) became Nunnerly (Electrical) who moved from the rear of Bulls
35. Rocks (Grocer/Sweets)
37. Benton and Savage (Furniture) became Taylors (Bakery)
39. Elsies (Hairdresser)
61 Hughess became Duffys then Richardsons (Grocer/Outdoor) on corner with Longford Lane

Longford Lane
44. Norman Summers (Grocer)
Miss Askey (Music Teacher)
First shop in lane had a number of uses Second Hand Toys/Clothes/Mower Repairs and Service

New Street
25. Albert/Walter Jacks (Coal Yard)
5. Handle Whitehouses (Coal Merchant/Milk Man)
Smallmans (Fish and Chips)
Mrs Taylors (Sweets/Confectionery)

Watling Street
Dowdings (Outdoor) on corner of New Street
158. Kitty Webbs (Grocery)
120 Thomass (moved to North Street) became Wards( grocery) Alma Elsmore / Margaret Bailey ( both Ladies Hairdresser) then Printers
Mr Giles (cobbler)
Mr Snape (Photographer)
Astburys Garage (Petrol Station) part of Astbury Haulage

Park Street
12. Handleys (Coal Merchant)
14. Davies (Cobblers)
D W Clarkes (Builders Merchants) corner of East Street

Broad Street
5. Hargreaves (Outdoor)
43 Jacksons became Smiths then Hesltines (Fish and Chips)
Davies ( Sweets and Grocery)

Cross Street
Pawn Shop (Mrs Perks)
Mr and Mrs Smith became Mrs Royans then Eric Roberts (Greengrocery)
Barbers Shop (Perrins/George Rose/Hindley)

Church Street
2. Bill Lockley Butcher
Lily Bailey (General Store)

Walsall Road
Louie (Barber) better known as Lightening Lou
Willy Schaefer (Radio/TV repairs)
Alf Thomas (Small Cafe)
Hattins (Books) became Mrs Lowe then Mrs Gough (general store) corner of East Street
Fereday (Wholesale Grocery) then  Wiseman (Guns)

Union Street
Stewartsons ( Outdoor/Grocery)
Fosters (Grocery)
Mrs Greenskill (Wool/Crockery)
16. Sarah Jacksons (Fish and Chips)

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