Walsall Road

Walsall Road
Details of people who lived in Walsall Road in 1938 & 1949.

No. 1938 New No. 1949
1 J C Bishop 278 White Lion
Herbert and Margaret Yorath
Walter Eden
3 H Hollins 276 William and Harriet Craddock
5 E Downton 274 John and Rose Fellows
7 B Fellows
R Appleton
272 Henry and Rose Tyler
Oliver and Hilda Connolley
9 W H Bird 270 David and Florence Bird
11 H Bradbury
I Worsley
268 Isaiah Worsey
13 H Rodwell
H Willis
266 John and Audrey Cheshire
Edward and Lilian George
49 J Hawkins
A E Dudley
264 John and Edith Power
51 W D Fereday 262 Hilda Birch and Annie Young
55 J O Whitehouse 258 William and Beatrice Shingler
57 A Stanley 256 Annie and Herbert Peapel
59 I Sherratt 254 Alfred and Catherine King
61 W H Crump 252 Harry “Bobby” and Ethel Beeston
63 N Whitehouse
J Grantham
250 Tom and Ivy Prestwood
65 J W Lunn
W H Holmes
248 J and Florence Lunn
69 A Benton 244 Alfred and Ethel Benton
71 C Plevin
C Reid
242 Annie Benton
87 E Cope
E Hattin
238 William and Phyllis Box
Ellen Hattin
89 J Taylor
H Shaw
236 Isaac and Alice Jones
91 E Jackson
D Chilton
234 Arnold and Dorothy Bird
Stanley Mears
93   232 Leslie and Hannah Broomhall
95 J B Evans 230 Aubrey and Joan Evans
97 A E Holmes 228 Harold, Hilton, and Francis Baugh
99 B Barlow 226 Charles and Alice Holgate
101 W Birch 224 Walter and Eliza Birch
103 J Harris 222 Joseph and Gladys Swann
105   220 Fredrick and Doris Birch
107 P T Buck 218 Percy and Ann Buck
Robert and Elizabeth Somerfield
109 W S Bailey
E Reaney
216 Thomas and Annie Wylde
111 C S Corfield 214 Harold and Eileen Humphries
Agnes Corfield
113 H Grimshaw 212 Vernon and Betty Parry
115 T Bond 210 Percy and Doris Guy
Louisa Passey
117 T E Reeks 208 Alfred and Elise Thomas
Alfred and Dorothy Thomas
119 S J Mann
C J Wooley
206 Sidney and Florence Mann
John Wiggin
121 W J Yeomans 204 Edward and Bessie Bond
Ruby Care
123 J Bryan
I Dace
202 John and Harriett Bryan
125 W F Saunders
F Perks
200 Harry and Lily Ridgway
127 T Helps 198 Thomas and Caroline Helps
William Powell
129 J Benton 196 Joseph and James Benton
131 J M Boon 194 John and Catherine Boon
Alan and Mary Whiting
133 T H Smallman 192 Thomas and Hilda Smallman
135 E Chilton
J Parkes
190 Matthew and Edith Dowell
137 I G Thomas 188 John and Catherine Gretton
Alfred Thomas
139 A Haycock 186 Andrew and William Haycock
141 A Chilton 184 John and Florence Lane
143 V Priest 182 Raymond and Sylvia Barnes
Victor Priest
145 J Broadhurst
D F Askey
180 John and Mary Broadhurst
John and Alice Matthews
Thomas Bywater
147 P A Shore    
147 H Newman 178 David and Hannah Askey
Horace and Edna Newman
149 P A Shore 176 William and Hilda Hawkesworth
Ernest Salingar
152 M Mansell 174 Herbert and Rose Shelley
153 C Wootton
D Thomas
172 Oliver and Ada Wood
154 H Shelley
R Turner
  William and Nellie Tooth
155 W H Whitehouse
F H McHaig
J Butler
170 John and Emily Webb
159 C T Rushton 164 Stanley and Barbara Fellows
161 G T Brevitt
J Shrigley
162 Albert and Emily Clayton
Leonard and Ivy Harris
163 D George 160 Fredrick and Constance Williams
167 J G Clements 158 George and Olive Arrowsmith
169 W Gooch 154 Cyril and Anne Allen
171 J D Vodden 152 Hilda and Lawrence Price
Elizabeth Webster
173 T W Perry 150 Horace Frank and Harriet Wilkes
175 J E TurnerJ T Boydon 148 Leslie and Florence Watson
177 W C Ingram 146 William and Minnie Ingram
179 T Box
R Smith
144 Thomas and Sarah Box
Rosa Smith
181 E W Wynn 142 Vera and L K Croxall
183 J J Raybould 140 Cyril and Grace HelpsHarold Jellyman
185 M Lunt 138 Major and Rosina Lunt
187 T Arnold 136 William and Agnes Richards
189 J Griffiths 134 John and Mary Griffiths
191 J Buckley 132 James and Doris Buckley
193 S Hardy 130 Walter and Nancy Massey
195 A Caddy 128 Arthur and Annie Caddy
Alfred and Doris Massey
197 F G Speke 126 Emlyn and Mary Hesketh
199 H F Locke 124 Herbert and Mary Locke
201 E F SouthallT J Hulme 122 Edward and Hannah SouthallJames and Beatrice Hulme
203 C DruryD Flynn 120 Thomas and Rose Bond
205 J T Grice 118 Joseph and Violet Parkes
207 N H Withington 116 Joseph and Nellie GillEllen Jackson
209 J H Brookes 114 William and Gladys Fowler
211 P Pritchard 112 Percy and Eliza Pritchard

3 thoughts on “Walsall Road

  1. I’m looking for a house that was on Walsall Road, which was called ‘Clonskeagh’ in 1916. A family called Whitehouse lived there, and I note that there were still Whitehouses on Walsall Road in 1938, but I don’t know which number might have been ‘Clonskeagh’. Could anyone help please?
    Thank you.

  2. My great grandad & gr gr & gr gr gr grandads lived and worked at Wedges Mills at the Gilpin Edgetool makers. I am related to Barlows, Shorters, Whitehouse, Lawsons & Craddock’s. Would be interested in any publications, where I can get information or to hear from relatives.

    Best wishes

    Mark Barlow

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