New Street

New Street
Details of people who lived in New Street in 1938 & 1949.

No 1938 1949
2 D Smallman David and Edith Smallman
4 S Morris Annie and Jessie Marshall
5 H J Whitehouse Handel and Sarah Whitehouse
Derrick and Freda Nixon
6 M Gould
T Evans
Mark Gould
Thomas Evans
7 J Addison Harold and Cecily Pee
8 W J Hodgkins William and Alice Hodgkins
9 G Jones George and Emma Jones
Ronald Lakin
11 R Cleeton Robert and Phylis Winfer
15 J Paxton Cyril and Emily Pheasant
Catherine Paxton
17 J Foxhall William and Beatrice Lead
James Foxhall
19 L Perry
T O’Connell
George and Winifred Lead
Laura Perry
21 A E Lewis Horace and Florence Taylor
23 K Howes John (snr), Ernest, Mabel,
Violet, John (jnr) Meek
25 J W Jacks
I Allen H Taylor
Samuel and Ellen Laverty
27 S Reeves George and Kate Jenkinson
William Howes, Margaret Hall
29 M Henaughan Mathew and Mary Henaughan
31 W Thomas Leslie and Alice Winfer
William Thomas
33 W Alltree Wilfred and Sarah Altree
35 J Powell William and Rose Bate
37 J Wilkes Soloman and Winifred Morgan
39 W Wilshire William and Annie Wilshire
William and Dorothy Dawson
41 R Thomas Edward, Richard, and Ethel Thomas
43 A Winfer Nellie Winfer
45 T Dorricot
R Layton
Thomas and Kate Dorricot
47 F Bradbury Frank and Samuel Bradbury
William and Lucy Evans
49 R G Mcend
L Cook
Thomas and Mary Jones
51 J Meek Kathleen and Jacob Goodwin
53 W Green William Benjamin Robert Lilian Meek
54 A Amison
G Snape
Arthur Amison
William and Ethel Massey
55 J Marshall Joseph and Ethel Marshall
56 H Shelley
A Cascarino
Anthony and Christopher Cascarino
Frederick and Doris Pearce
57 J Farnell George and Iris Jukes
William and Ethel Turner
58 G Hamer No 58 in 1949
59 A E Dicks
C H Groves
Albert and Daisy Dicks
Charles Groves
61 W Hargreaves Charles and Rose Cooke
63 J Beech John and Alice Benton
65 A Gunn Charles and Elizabeth Gunn
66   Mary Wilson, George Hames
George Wilson
68 W A Gent William Henrietta Ghent
Stanley and Gertrude Powell
70 A Turner Thomas Whitehouse
Adeline Turner
George Felton
72 F Lewis Robert and Minne Baseley
74 P H Webb Percy and Edna Webb
76 G A S Dolman George and Florance Dolman
78 T Guest Frank and Florence Guest
80 W Ghent William and Dorothy Ghent
Edith Davis
82 C Craddock John and Helen Craddock
84 C Brindley
W Morris
Wilfred and Mary Glover
John Bullock
86 D W Belcher Donald and Violet Belcher
88 E Mears Arthur Higgins
Charlotte Bennett
90 W G Ponder William and Jane Ponder
Amelia Collins

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