Watling Street

Watling Street
Details of people who lived in Watling Street in 1938 & 1949.

No. 1938 1949
4 J Pearse Charles and Hilda Stanley
6 W Hammer/ H Holmes Thomas and Eva Meredith
8 T Marshall George and Violet Ansell
10 W.J Bates Cedric and Elizabeth Bates
17 P. G Brown Demolished
25 S.T Pearson
H Jones
Sidney and Emma Pearson
Harry and Edith Jones
27 A Clewley
B Lightfoot
Aaron and Edith Clewley
29 W Hunter William and Grace Hunter
31 J.T Bradbury Charles and Agnes Preece
32 T Hughes Gertrude Whittall
33 J.T Bates Mary Bates
34 Not listed Ralph, George, and Olwyn Emery
35 C Spooner
R Jones
James and Ada Haycox
36 E Deans Emily Deans
37 H Jones Henry and Mary Jones Thomas and Elise Hawkesworth
38 J Wydle William and Mary Barker
39 A Farrington Alfred and Martha Farrington
40 G.H Marshall Horace and Nellie Jackson
41 G.E Davies George and Emily Davies
42 F.G Bullock Frederick and Lynda Bullock
43 R.A Brooks Richard and Mary Brookes
44 W Hadley Edna Lizzie, Edna Joyce,Harriert and William Young
45 E.E. Simpson Edwin and Alice Simpson
46 W Gripton Beatrice Gripton
47 R.J Young John and Kathleen Roberts
48 R Birch Sidney and Charlotte Birch
49 A Dutton Harold and Alice Reed
50 E Simpson Henry and Sarah Till
51 F.J Giles
W Jackson
Fredrick and Jessie Giles
52 H.B Till William Till
53 G.A Yale Millicent Russell
54 S Mayou Sim and Ellen Maud
57 H Morris Joseph and Florence Smith
Florence Morris
58 H Linnell Harry and Sarah Linnell
59 G Nixon Harry and Margaret Jones
Luther and Julia Nixon
60 W Thomas Thomas Margaret and Elsie Chambers
61 A. T Pay Arthur and Constance Pay
62 A Godwin
J. Jones
Albert Godwin/Jane Jones
63 H Smith Herbert and Eva Smith
64 H Croxall Hiram and Rosetta Croxall
65 H Cartwright
F H Felton
Fredrick and Emily Felton
Lionel and Alice Lycett
66 T Philpott
E Hood
Walter and Lilian Reed
Winifred Harper
67 I Pearson Isaiah and Bertha Pearson
Ronald and Shelia Wood
68 A J Cooke Arthur and Elizabeth Cooke
69 G Archer George and Lily Raybould
Albert and Olive Brevitt
70 T Dawkins Thomas and Beatrice Dawkins
71 V I Greensill Leslie and Dorothy Greensill
72 L O Gill Oliver and Harriet Gill
73 W Clarke William and Ann Clark
74 G A Allen Albert, Arthur,Sidney, and Eliza Allen
75 M Richardson Mary Richardson
76 G I Stokes
R I Currin
Thomas and Lily Walker
77 J T Partington John and Edith Partington
78 G R Halpin
G Pearson
George and Elija Scott
79 J Hodgkiss
M Luther
Joseph and Mary Hodgkiss
Martin Luther
80 B H Rose Britain Henry and Sarah Rose
81 L Horton Leonard and Vida Horton
82 E Hawkins Reginald and Teresa Jacks
83 E Powell Joseph and Doris Powell
84 A Horobin
M Green
Albert and Gertrude Horobin
Ronald Emberton
Jack Preece
85 J E Tipton John and Doris Tipton
86 F Hood
W Wright
Ernest and Ethel Hawkins
87 A J Dodd George and Florance Brough
88 J A Tomkinson James and May Tomkinson
90 G Lockley Amy Lockley
92 V F Chilton Frank and Nancy Chilton
Frank Chilton (senior)
94 W Thomas Mildred Bullock
96 G A Griffen Peter and Eda McAuslane
98 W H Moorcroft William and Annie Moorcroft
100 J J Reeves George and Nellie Preece
102 F Emberton Charles and Rebecca Emberton
104 T Horton Albert and Vera Farrington
106 J Charlesworth John and Ethel Charlesworth
108 I Sambrook Leonard and Olive Sambrook
110 F Ball Charles and Doris Hyden
Alice Ball
112 P Jackson Thomas and Maria Jackson
114 J L Burrows James and Emily Burrows
116 C Richards
M E Williams
James and Nancy Addison
118 A Gorman Sarah Yale
Arthur Mellor
120 J Thomas
J Craddock
James and May Thomas
John and Florence Craddock
122 G Tantrum George and Jannetta Tantrum
124 B Watts Charles and Maud Wright
Joan Johnstone
126 H Baugh William and Edna Griffiths
128 W Evans Mary and Emma Hargreaves
130 A Aanensen
A E Savage
Albert and Mabel Savage
132 H Lloyd Harry and Ethel Lloyd
134 R R Bate
Robert(senior) Robert
(junior) Leslie and Minne Bates
136 M J PerryE Edginton Wilfred and Eva Perry
138 E Thomas Alfred and Sarah Rhodes
140 J Bell Bert Allen and Mary Thacker
142 E T Elsmore Leslie and Dorothy Venables
144 M Beesley James and Mary Breeze
146 C Twigg Jane Twigg
148 W Hall Sarah and Dorothy Hall
154A   Norman and Carrie Summers
154 A Adams
W E Turner
Arthur and Rose Adams
156 J Norman John and Elsie Summers
160 W Lane
H Allen
Joseph and Amelia Gough
162 A J Davies Joseph and Stephanie Bell
164 J I Hall Charles and Rose Winfer
166 J H Smith Ernest and Florence Dace
168 F Wylde Gordon Carrier and Edith Rose
170 W J Wilkes Thomas and Evelyn Smith
172 J Addison Moses and Florence Guy
174 A Davies George Gladys Harry and Eileen Davies
176 A E Belcher Leslie and Edna Pee
178 A Betton
F Mincher
Annie Betton
180 R T Deakin William and Florence Dowding
182 A Dawson Frank and Alice Dawson
184 T Hulme Clara Thomas and Jack Hulme
186 J Walker Harry John and Violet Bradbury
190 R Gripton Randolph and Hilda Gripton
192 A J Smith
T H Hawley
John and Agnes Smith
195 E Chilton Not listed
198 A King Arthur and Annie King
Mabel Tait
200 E B Cleeton Edward and Gertrude Cleeton
202 P Brookes Norman Percy aand Winifred Brooks
204 J Craddock James and Rose Bucknall
206 F J Sneyd Edward and Jean Gray-Davies
208 A Arthurs Albeert and Alice Arthurs
Agnes Arthurs, Edith Harrison
210 C E Boot John and Annie Walker
212 Mr H Wilde Harold and Clara Wilde
212A Mr M Webb Clement and Minnie Webb
Kate and Richard Webb
214 Mr A E Winfer Uriah and Guy Winfer
Kenneth and Peggy Jones
Long House Raymond and Maria Astbury
Joseph and Margaret Astbury

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