Talks, photos & more 2016


Since the last upgrade the latest book has been published. David Williams & John Devey have worked hard to produce a different type book. It still contains a good number of photographs but it focuses on the recollections of a number of former residents to illustrate how the village has changed over the years. I believe it is a good read and well worth its £6.00 price tag.

We are planning to produce a definitive history of Bridgtown and all of the team are involved in various aspects of the history.
A plan of action has been formulated and funding is being sourced. Hopefully, it will be ready for publishing around 2019.


Many of you will already have seen the first of the Heritage boards outside Costa Coffee House on the ringroad. (if not! Why not?) and the second is about to be unveiled at the new housing development on Walsall Road where the Cornelius Whitehouse “Hedghog Works” was situated. Funding was kindly supplied by the site developers. Another 3 should be erected  and news about those will be forthcoming.


This will be a huge undertaking and we are preparing the Albums so that a comprehensive and searchable database can be developed to make research much easier. More to come with this.


March’s talk will be “More streets of Bridgtown” with our own Derrick Middleton. Due to problems with illness etc. further talks will be added as they become confirmed.

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