1st JULY 2020

I hope you are all well and not going too “Doo-lally-tap” as the locals say.

With the relaxation of the Lockdown Regulations we have to start looking forward (to look into the past !). Whilst the lockdown has severely hampered our output over the last 4 months we are now starting to think about restarting the Society’s research and publication of the next installments of the Definitive History of Bridgtown. Hopefully, there will be some sort of committee meeting to tie down the schedule in the near future.
although there has not been much happening on the surface, some of the committee are still pushing the various projects as best as they can during this odd time.

There has been dialogue between the Society, the Parish Council and various contractors about the Heritage boards and we will report on those in due course.
The books are being prepared and edited.
As for the IT side , the database is coming on with a new site where all records will be held. These will be available to Committee and Researchers and should make the research much easier and quicker to obtain.

As soon as we are able, we will ask for the Membership Subscriptions. It should remain at £7.00 per household and details as before with the Bridgtonian and talks.
If anyone has a diary of events of the Lockdown they would like to share, we would like to add them to our Archive. Such a Unique event should be recorded as the events take place because they will distort over the years like a Chinese whisper.

There will be more as we reopen the Society from its enforced hibernation.

Stay Safe & Stay Well

One thought on “1st JULY 2020

  1. Hello Bob. I need your help with obtaining some photos of the 1977 Festival of Flowers.. I am not sure whether this message will get to you but I am preparing a presentation on the SIlver Jubilee Celebrations for our Probus zoom meeting and have been told the Society have acquired the archive of photos held by David Battersby which may contain photos of the oxroast and other events of interest in 1977 festival.I
    Please respond to me if possible by e-mail

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