TALK REVIEW JO GOLDBY : TOP TO TOE : “The price of vanity!”

The talk given by Jo Goldby on Wednesday 20th November was well received by a sparse audience. The talk centred on the lengths people went to, to keep up with fashions of the day. Jo was dressed as a Victorian ladies maid and brought with her a collection of fashionable unctions and lotions that men and women put on their skin. Some of these were very poisonous and no one would think of using them today!….. would they?? They included things like lead oxide, arsenic etc.

Jo put on a great talk, not too technical and humour played a big part. She was a National Trust guide for many years at Warwick Castle & latterly at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire as a volunteer guide and consultant whilst also travelling the country to give talks on various historical subjects where she dresses up appropriately.

Our thanks to Jo, for a thoroughly enjoyable morning.

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