What a year in Bridgtown

What a year it as been, one Lockdown after another. Lets hope with all the vaccinations the numbers of infections say low and we have no more deaths Covid-19. So we are able to get back to some kind of normality. Or maybe a knew normal, as I don’t think things will get back to normal for sometime.

At Bridgtown History Society, we are eager to get going and have great plans and projects lined up. There is great history in Bridgtown and we want to celebrate this. There are a number of plaques around the village with historic information, with more plaques planned.

Bridgtown as grown over the years and as changed with the times. Over the years, it was know as an industrial area, but now with the arrival of new people, more homes are being build, bring more families to the area. It’s great that it’s grown so much and we look forward to making some more history.

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